Desi Khoya (Mawa) Made of 100% pure milk

  • Bring a homemade taste to your next celebration with our pure and good-quality Desi Khoya (Mawa) that has just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your sweet cravings.
  • Desi Khoya or Mawa has been an all-time favorite and popular dish of Indians for generations.
  • Our Mawa has a light, soft and smooth texture that melts in your mouth and is made only using the finest quality ingredients.
  • It contains no artificial colors, flavors, chemicals, or additives.
  • Made of 100% pure milk and ideal for any festive occasion and celebration.
  • Our Mawa is widely used for making a variety of Indian dishes and sweets.
  • It offers a rich source of calcium and aids in bone and teeth health.
  • We do not compromise on the quality of the products by guaranteeing all our customers 100% purity.
  • We ensure all hygienic measures are taken in the making process and pack our Mawa in such a way to retain its taste and freshness.
  • Feast your taste buds on the extraordinary authentic taste that will leave you wanting more for this milky and creamy delicacy.
  • Add texture and richness to all your homemade delicacies with our premium quality dairy products.

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